Are YOU Ready?

Are YOU Ready?

And so I start…

New Bands

I am REALLY diggin these new bands! @iconforhire @HylandRock and @worthdyingfor really know what they are doing.

I KNOW you are looking for that “Summer Album”. You know, that album that screams “summer” at you? @houseofheroes “Suburba” IS that album!


College Baseball Rain Delay Jousting (by RadfordAthletics)


You know, it can get a little annoying when one of the most popular songs /artist that is ALWAYS playing on a radio station drives the sanity out of me. Oh, well, glad other people like it…

How to Survive Black Friday (by RadioURiot)

Sleep can quite possible be one of the greatest things to experience… to bad I don’t know what it’s like. #sleepy